Cynthia Soto

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Cynthia Soto

Illinois, State Representative (2001-)

A protege of progressive Latino politician Miguel del Valle, the high energy Cynthia Soto rocketed into public consciousness during a hard fought open seat race for a newly remapped 1st Ward in 1999 in the West Town neighborhood, after the ward was moved in an attempt to decrease the influence of organized crime. But another type of organization, the Hispanic Democratic Organization wanted to control the ward instead, pushing Jesse Granato against Soto.

Soto lost the race in a runoff, but used her newfound fame to run a successful campaign in 2000 against another HDO candidate, State Rep. Edgar Lopez.

Since Soto's election, West Town politics have stayed relatively quiet, and she has kept good relations with the string of 1st Ward Aldermen that have succeed Granato, including Manny Flores and now Joe Moreno

Important Political Events

  • 1999, Defeated for 1st Ward Alderman by Jesse Granato in runoff
  • 2000, Elected State Representative, defeating Edgar Lopez