Dan Patlak

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Dan Patlak

Cook County, Board of Review, District 1 (2010-)
Wheeling Township, Assessor (2005-2010)
East Maine School District 63, Board (1995-1997)

The Cook County GOP's highest local office holder, Patlak holds a dubious distinction that comes freighted with responsibility and extra slings and arrows inside his party. Unlike state legislators, Patlak's position is full-time, providing him with more flexibility and ability to politick. In addition, his district is drawn to favor GOP voters, inevitably drawing challenges. In 2012 he faced a difficult primary that pitted his North Suburban support against Sean Morrison who drew from a South Suburban GOP base. While Patlak won the challenge, 54-46%, it revealed a party split often talked about, but seldom seen, the North GOP versus South GOP.

Important Political Events

  • 2005, Elected Wheeling Township Assessor defeating Dolores Stephan
  • 2010, Elected Cook County Board of Review, District 1, defeating and replacing Democrat Brendan Houlihan
  • 2012, Won GOP Nomination for Cook County Board of Review, District 1, defeating Sean Morrison
  • 2012, Reelected Cook County Board of Review, District 1, defeating Democrat Casey Griffin


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