Daniel Lipinski

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Dan Lipinski

b. July 15, 1966

U.S. Congress, 3rd DIstrict (2005-)

For 22 years before Dan Lipinski became a Congressman, his father William Lipinski held the same seat, becoming Chairman of the House Transportation Committee and one of the most influential people in the Capitol, especially when it came to how billions of transportation dollars were spent. With that clout, Bill paved a road for his son Dan to go from a totally unknown college professor in Knoxville, Tennessee, to a Congressman on the South Side of Chicago.

Incredibly, that's almost the entire political story of Dan Lipinski, who barely spent any time knocking doors, or passing literature for any other candidate. His hold on office, is closely tied to his father's continuing clout, which as a lobbyist for numerous transportation clients, continues to this day.


  • 1988, Northwestern University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering
  • 1989, Stanford University, M.A., Engineering-Economic Systems
  • 1998, Duke University, Ph.D., Political Science

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