Elgie Sims, Jr.

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Elgie Sims, Jr.

Illinois, State Representative (2012-)

An attorney and lobbyist from the Chatham neighborhood, Elgie Sims was a staffer for former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones and backed by a wide array of South Side leaders first for a failed Cook County Commissioner campaign and then State Representative, including Jones, former Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. and former State Rep. Marlow Colvin. When State Rep. Constance Howard retired in 2012, Sims' array of political supporters pressed local Democratic Committeemen to appoint him as her replacement.

He has avoided serious ballot opposition ever since.

Important Political Events

  • 2010, Defeated for Cook County Commissioner by William Beavers
  • 2012, Appointed to State Representative by Democratic Committeemen, replacing Constance Howard