Frank Zuccarelli

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Frank Zuccarelli

Cook County, Thornton Township Democratic Committeeman (2002-)
Thornton Township, Supervisor (1993-)
District 510 Community College Trustee (2011-2015)

Thornton Township has the largest Democratic vote turnout of any ward or township in all of Cook County. Over the last two decades, Frank Zuccaretli has done everything he can to ensure the voter turnout stays high, and that elected officials across Illinois remember that fact. As a result, Zuccarelli, along with his infamous annual Mostaccioli Fundraising Dinner, is well known and well attended.

Zuccarelli, first elected Township Supervisor in 1993, had been fighting a low-level brush war with Frank Giglio, the Thornton Township Democratic Committeeman since 1976, until it blossomed into a full on war in 2001 when Giglio attempted to take Zuccarelli's Supervisor position for himself. The fight divided the Township, with William Shaw and Robert Shaw aligning with Giglio and then-Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. aligning with Zuccarelli. Giglio lost, and Zuccarelli immediately announced his intention to take Giglio Democratic Committeeman the next spring, in 2002.

Needless to say, Zuccarelli defeated Giglio for Committeeman, and he's steadily consolidated his position ever since. Democratic Governors have plied him with appointed positions, including when Gov. Pat Quinn appointed him to the Chicago Transit Authority board in 2008, a paid position. His ability to turn out the vote has yet to suffer, and he remains as relevant as ever.

Important Political Events

  • 1993, Elected Thornton Township Supervisor
  • 2001, Reelected Thornton Township Supervisor, defeating Frank Giglio
  • 2002, Elected Thornton Township Democratic Committeeman, defeating William Shaw and Frank Giglio, replacing Frank Giglio
  • 2011, Elected District 510 Community College Trustee