James Cappleman

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James Cappleman

Chicago, 46th Ward Alderman (2011-)
Chicago, 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman (2012-)

46th Ward Map - City Ward Map

Originally from Texas, James Cappleman, is the inheritor of the North Side’s most politically raucous and conflicted ward. Home to both great wealth in lakefront precincts and more social service agencies than anywhere else in the city, the 46th Ward in Uptown also has the North Side’s largest Black community and a significant gay community. After long-time incumbent Helen Shiller decided not to seek reelection, Cappleman won a tight runoff election in 2011. Dealing with restive ward politics, Cappleman was forced into a runoff again in 2015. An openly gay former priest and social worker, Cappleman constantly struggles to maintain a balance between Uptown’s very disparate communities.

While mainly a good government proponent in his outlook, Cappleman has not joined the Progressive Caucus and tends to vote with Mayor Rahm Emanuel on many issues. He mainly focuses on maintaining social services in his ward while working to promote new development opportunities. He is a member of the LGBT Caucus.

Current Chicago City Council Committees:

  • Committee on Budget and Government Operations
  • Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics
  • Committee on Health and Environmental Protection
  • Committee on Housing and Real Estate
  • Committee on License and Consumer Protection
  • Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
  • Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards, Vice Chair

Important Political Events

  • 2011, Elected 46th Ward Alderman, defeating Molly Phelan in a runoff and replacing Helen Shiller
  • 2012, Elected 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman unopposed, replacing Tom Sharpe
  • 2015, Reelected 46th Ward Alderman, defeating Amy Crawford in a runoff