John Corrigan

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John Corrigan

b. January 8, 1967

Chicago, 42nd Ward Democratic Committeeman (2008-2012)

For decades the 42nd Ward Democratic Organization was run by George Dunne. In his later years and after his death, the ward was operated by his proteges Ald. Burton Natarus and now-Secretary of State Jesse White. Even today, most of the patronage jobs held by precinct captains are in the Secretary of State's office.

As a result of extraordinary development and population growth the 42nd Ward has gained almost 30,000 residents since it was last remapped to include all of downtown in 1992. That tremendous population growth - along with the 42nd Ward's loss of the Cabrini Green projects in the 1992 remap - shifted the voting population from a stable and predictable group to an usually wealthy voting base with 30% turnover every two years. This was an unwieldy political reality for the long-time 42nd Ward machine politicians and ripe for the modern campaign methods John Corrigan had been honing for the past 15 years.

Corrigan's political career began as staff for the Illinois Senate Democrats. During this time he became a "go-to" man for Senate President Emil Jones, helping to lead numerous crucial campaigns and overseeing the 2002 legislative district remapping process. After leaving Senate staff Corrigan began a Springfield lobbying practice but continued as an operative for President Jones by supporting crucial candidates through fundraising. During this time Corrigan began a relationship then lobbyist, now 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly. Working as a team, Reilly and Corrigan (along with fellow operative and former Michael Madigan staffer David Clarkin) operated Reilly's successful 2007 campaign to unseat long-time incumbent Ald. Burton Natarus.

Following Natarus' 2007 aldermanic loss, Corrigan was strongly supported by Reilly for Democratic Committeeman in 2008. And Natarus, who lost Jesse White's support, bowed out of the race allowing Corrigan to be elected unopposed.

Corrigan retired the seat in 2012 and handed it over to 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly.

Employment and Electoral History

Corrigan worked as staff for the Illinois Senate Democrats. After leaving the Senate staff he joined Dykema Gossett's government relations group. Later he formed his own lobbying practice.


  • DePaul University College of Law, J.D.

Important Political Events