Lucy Moog

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Lucy Moog

Chicago, 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeman (2016-)

Originally from Chicago's North Side and a student at Frances W. Parker private school in Lincoln Park, Moog embarked on a political career in Washington, D.C. soon after college, eventually landing a staff job for Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings. Soon after her start in D.C. she met her husband, Matt Moog, a tech entrepreneur, who later hit it big managing a series of fast-growing tech companies in Chicago. But before heading back to Chicago, Moog and her husband became friends with a young Rahm Emanuel, who rented an apartment from the Moogs while he worked in the Clinton White House. Later, the Moogs moved to Chicago, where Lucy Moog served as then Congressman Rod Blagojevich's district director.

When Blagojevich was elected Governor in 2002, Lucy Moog left professional politics, until she announced her candidacy for 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeman in 2016. Now the wife of a wealthy startup investor, and a resident of Orchard Avenue, one of Lincoln Park's most exclusive streets, Moog boasted a close, personal relationship with the mayor and more than enough access to cash to run for a ward office. Soon after Moog's announcement, sitting Committeeman and Alderman Michele Smith announced her plans to step down as Committeeman and support Moog's candidacy. Moog swept into office unopposed.

Matt Moog's father, Robert Moog, is the inventor of the original Moog synthesizer.

Important Political Events

  • 2016, Elected 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeman unopposed, replacing Michele Smith