Patricia Cullerton

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b. October 18, 1954

Chicago, 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman (1993-2016)

There is barely a time in Chicago history when a Cullerton was not somewhere involved in running the city. In recent memory, the most famous Cullerton was Cook County Assessor P.J. Cullerton, who held the post during Mayor Richard J. Daley's tenure - and became rich while doing so. When P.J. became Assessor he passed the Alderman job to his brother William Cullerton. When William died in 1973, the Alderman and Democratic Committeeman jobs passed to Thomas Cullerton. When William Cullerton died in 1993, the Democratic Committeeman job passed to his daughter Patty Jo Cullerton and the Alderman position to Thomas Allen, the brother-in-law to one of Thomas's sons, Timothy.

She worked in the Cook County Assessor's office and the Cook County Forest Preserve until 2006 and is now retired.

With that sort of lineage, there is little threat of change in the 38th Ward, and Patty Jo has never had a serious opponent–often running unopposed. The Cullertons also have a long history of not talking about anything, giving birth to the saying, "If it talks, it ain't a Cullerton."

When Tom Allen retired his alderman seat in 2011, it was a surprise that Patty Jo took a pass.

Important Political Events

  • 1993, Appointed 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman by Mayor Richard M. Daley, replacing PJ Cullerton
  • 1996, Elected 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman
  • 2016, Retired 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman, replaced by Nicholas Sposato