Robert Rita

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Bob Rita

b. October 2, 1969

Illinois, State Representative (2002-)
Cook County, Calumet Township Democratic Committeeman (2008-)
Calumet Township, Supervisor (2013-)

Calumet Township Map

The Rita family has made government service into a family enterprise. His father, John Rita, who preceded Bob as Calumet Township Democratic Committeeman until his 2008 death, was Mayor of Blue Island, his mother Rose Rita was a Blue Island City Council member and Calumet Township Supervisor and Bob Rita has been an employee of the Cook County Highway Department.

Rita's is a close ally of 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale. His State Rep. district reaches into his ward and Beale helped him win his first election.

Important Political Events

  • 2002, Elected State Representative, defeating Arvin Boddie in primary, replacing Tom Dart
  • 2004, Reelected State Representative, defeating Arvin Boddie in primary
  • 2008, Reelected State Representative, defeating Earick Rayburn in primary
  • 2008, Appointed Calumet Township Democratic Committeeman, replacing John Rita
  • 2013, Elected Calumet Township Supervisor, replacing Rose Rita