Sara Feigenholtz

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Sara Feigenholtz

b. December 11, 1956

Illinois, State Representative (1995-)
Assistant Majority Leader

After working as a staffer for then-State Rep. John Cullerton for 12 years, and running her own political fundraising business, Sara Feigenholtz moved to the Lakeview district of State Rep. Ellis Levin, who had earned a reputation as a cantankerous and unlikable public servant, but had the backing of the Democratic organization. Feigenholtz rallied independent voters and won a squeaker of a race that year, 51.3-48.7%, with less than 400 votes separating the candidates, but hasn't had a serious opponent ever since.

She's done it by paying close attention to the interests of her district. Her district is home to Boys Town; she's long been a leader on gay rights. Her district is one of the youngest in the state, she pays close attention to higher education issues. She's irrepressibly progressive and anti-Democratic organization, which suits her district just fine.

In 2009, with big backing from labor organizations, Feigenholtz made her first political move since 1994, running for the empty Congressional seat left behind by Rahm Emanuel when he went to become Barack Obama's White House chief of staff. She ended up taking third place behind winner Mike Quigley, who enjoyed higher name recognition as a Cook County Commissioner.

Important Political Events

  • 1994, Elected State Representative, defeating Ellis Levin
  • 2009, Defeated in special election for Congress by Mike Quigley