Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

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Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

Chicago, 35th Ward Alderman (2015-)
Chicago, 35th Ward Democratic Committeeman (2016-)

35th Ward Map - City Ward Map

Lifelong Chicagoan Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, 26, came to City Council after defeating longtime Alderman Rey Colon in a newly redistricted 35th Ward. He garnered 67 percent of the vote in the general election–a majority in every precinct–and had the support of recently-elected State Rep. Will Guzzardi. Before his election to the Council, Rosa was a community organizer with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and a former congressional caseworker for Cong. Luis Gutierrez. He also served as Community Representative to the Avondale-Logandale Local School Council.

Rosa has earned a reputation as the most outspoken member of the Progressive Caucus, but not necessarily a leading voice. He has broken the norms of being a quiet freshman alderman, which has rubbed some other Council members the wrong way. A darling of the left and Democratic Socialists nationally, Rosa is often talked about as a possible successor to Congressman Luis Gutierrez.

In August 2017, Rosa spent a whirlwind six days as the lieutenant governor running mate to Democratic governor candidate Daniel Biss, only be unceremoniously dumped by Biss. A conflict arose when Biss supporters learned that Rosa was connected to the Boycott-Disinvest-Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel for it's treatment of Palestinians. Biss's largely North Shore Jewish base was offended by Rosa's position, and began to withdraw support. Biss quickly dumped Rosa as a running mate and named a new running mate with fewer international policy positions.

A Chicago Public Schools and University of Illinois graduate, Ramirez-Rosa is one of the first openly gay Latino members of City Council and is currently the youngest member. Mirroring a deeply ingrained Chicago ethnic polarity, Rosa is half Mexican, half Puerto Rican. He is a member of the LGBT Caucus.

Current Chicago City Council Committees:

  • Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics
  • Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development
  • Committee on Health and Environmental Protection
  • Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
  • Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation
  • Committee on Workforce Development and Audit

Important Political Events

  • 2015, Elected 35th Ward Alderman, defeating Ald. Rey Colon in a runoff
  • 2016, Elected 35th Ward Democratic Committeeman, unopposed, replacing Nancy Schiavone
  • 2017, Named running mate to Democratic governor candidate Daniel Biss, then dumped from ticket