Daniel Burke

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Daniel J. Burke

b. December 17, 1951

Illinois, House of Representatives (1991-)
Assistant House Majority Leader

Brother of Edward Burke, Dan Burke started his career in the Chicago City Clerk's office, rising the Deputy City Clerk under Edward Burke protege Walter Kozubowski, but he added a second job in the Illinois House when his brother, 14th Ward Alderman and Democratic Committeeman, slated him for State Representative instead of long-time 14th Ward operative, Robert Krska in 1990.

Dan Burke retained his Deputy Clerk position until retiring in 2003, despite a series of scandals in the Clerk's office, including his first boss, Kozukowski, going to prison for federal charges and Kozuboski's replacement, James Laski, also going to prison for federal charges. Through it all, Dan Burke was never charged.

While not a bad state legislator, Dan has done little to distinguish himself in his 20+ year legislative career. He now lobbies City Hall a second career.

In 2010, Ald. Ricardo Munoz supported Rudy Lozano, Jr. in the Democratic primary against Dan Burke. In his closest challenge yet, Burke won the election 50.5%-45.2% in a four-person race.

Important Political Events