Mayor & Administration

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Emanuel Administration

Administrative Hearings Patricia Jackowiak
Animal Care & Control Susan Russell
Aviation Ginger Evans
Board of Elections Marisel Hernandez
Budget & Management Alex Holt
Buildings Judy Frydland
Business Affairs & Consumer Protection Samantha Fields
Civilian Office of Police Accountability Sharon Fairley
Cultural Affairs & Special Events Mark Kelly
Emergency Management & Communications Alicia Tate-Nadeau
Board of Ethics Steven Berlin
Finance CFO Carole Brown Comptroller Erin Keane
Fire Department Jose Santiago
Fleet & Facility Management David Reynolds
Human Relations Mona Noriega
Human Resources Soo Choi
Innovation & Technology Brenna Berman
Law Department Edward Siskel
License Appeal Dennis Michael Fleming
Office for People with Disabilities Karen Tamley
Planning & Development David Reifman
Police Department Eddie Johnson
Police Board Lori Lightfoot
Procurement Services Jamie Rhee
Public Health Julie Morita
Public Library Brian Bannon
Streets & Sanitation Charles Williams
Transportation Rebekah Scheinfeld
Water Management Barrett Murphy