10 articles about the technology you should have read this year 2021

A year of posts, tweets, articles, interviews, and reviews goes a long way. For too much. For this reason, from Claranet we have selected some of the content that we have found most interesting in 2014 –and that is not yet obsolete– so that you can recover them if you did not read them at the time.

This assortment of articles and news about Cloud, Big Data, Virtualization, Hosting, and technology, helps us to face 2022 that is predicted, as it usually happens in this sector, as or busier than the previous ones.

Top 10: Europe's best tech brands Many lists of technology companies are made globally, and most often result in a stroll through Silicon Valley. In this Top 10, the prestigious Business Review magazine selects the 10 most powerful firms in the technology market founded and based in the Old Continent.

7 myths about SEO and Hosting that you should forget This is the advertising quota for this section, an extensive content on the relationship between SEO and web hosting today that we carry out thanks to the collaboration of Javier Casares, SEO and WPO expert and founder of Geenapp.

BYOD, an increasingly unstoppable phenomenon in the company in the coming years A toast now for the disappeared - rather interrupted - Technology and SMEs, the blog of Weblogs SL (Engadget, Applesfera) dedicated to business technology. This is one of the articles they published before closing their doors, a clear vision of BYOD and its future, something that is currently being forged and that will continue to make people talk in 2015.

What is Overcommit, and why are many vendors hiding it? Useful article from the Cloud Computing Magazine that explains what Overcommit is and, above all, the importance of knowing if your cloud provider is applying it to the platform where you are hosted. Do you know if your provider overcommits?

Amazon Web Services expands its tentacles throughout Europe Important European milestone for the almighty Amazon and its IaaS services division, Amazon Web Services, this year. With the opening of several data centers in Germany in October, Amazon brings the number of regions in which the AWS infrastructure is present to eleven and strengthens the service it is able to offer to its customers in Europe.

Challenges and benefits of Desktop as a Service 2014 has been a year of clear expansion of the virtualization of workstations or Workspace as a Service. Several players in the technology sector such as Citrix, VMware, Amazon, or Claranet have launched solutions that allow companies to bring the desktops or work applications of their employees and clients to the cloud.

Will the Internet of Things change the lives of citizens? Turn now for those who arrive. DB News, a new magazine and digital news portal on Online Marketing, eCommerce, Mobile, and ICT, recently published this article to stop and think a bit about IoT and its impact on our daily lives.

Businesses lose more than $ 2 million a year on data availability failures Strong headline from Veeam Data Center Availability Report 2014. According to the software company, organizations experience application failures more than once a month and this has a significant impact on their accounts.

Five myths about Big Data that are not true, according to Gartner Big Data here, Big Data there. It is without a doubt the most cited trend in the ICT world this year and yet there is a lot of confusion surrounding its concept. Gartner, perhaps one of the most authoritative voices to put some order, denies some legends as explained in this article.

10 predictions for 2015, a year marked by "the third platform" And we end this retrospective with a look forward. A recent IDC report marks its bets for the coming months, starring, according to this analyst, by the so-called "third platform".


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