25 Curiosities about the Internet that you did not know.

54.jpg Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives to the point that without this tool many people would be unable to live or work. It is an indispensable medium and it is the way in which we are allowed to be connected throughout the planet, but also the way in which we inform ourselves. But, despite being something so fundamental in our lives, there are many curiosities about the Internet that are unknown today.

We are going to dismantle myths and be surprised by the curiosities that many of us still did not know about this technological advance that would change the history of humanity.


Myths and curiosities about the Internet

  1. The first website created on the Internet was in 1991.

  2. Every day more than 100 billion emails are sent and more than 500 million tweets are published.

  3. While television took 13 years to reach the world and radio 18 years, the Internet took only 4 years to reach 50 million people.

  4. YouTube is the third most visited website on the planet and approximately 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  5. Every day 30,000 Internet sites are hacked, including emails, web pages, social network accounts ...

  6. Out of 100% of the traffic that exists today on the Internet, 49% comes from information generated by human beings while the rest is generated by "bots" or robots created for it.

  7. More than 100,000 new domains are created and registered every day.

  8. Currently we spend more time browsing the Internet on our phones and tablets than on computers.

  9. China has treatment camps for Internet addicts.

  10. Currently more than 3.4 billion people around the world use the Internet.

  11. The first tweet was written by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, co-founder of Twitter.

  12. The word "spam" originates from World War II and comes from a brand of canned meat sent by families to soldiers. It was called SPAM, Shoulder of Pork and Ham.

  13. The Gangham Style is one of the most watched video on Youtube.

  14. The first email was sent in 1971.

  15. Until the need to include upper and lower case in passwords, the most used password was "123456".

  16. The web was invented more than 40 years ago by Tim Berners-Lee to help scientists communicate results and share their data more quickly.

  17. Google is the first search engine in the world and to answer each query in 0.2 seconds it uses more than a thousand computers.

  18. The first webcam was used in 1993 at the University of Cambridge for scientific reasons.

  19. Between 16% and 20% of daily searches on Google are original and have not been done before.

  20. The most used domain in Spain is ".es" and it is followed by "" and "".

  21. If Amazon had an Internet crash for a whole day, by not being able to sell anything, it would lose 360 ​​million euros.

  22. Apple lost 29 million euros when in 2015 its App Store suffered a 12-hour drop.

  23. What we buy most on the Internet are electronic devices, transport tickets, clothes and accessories, accommodation and gifts.

  24. 46% of SMEs did not have a website in 2018.

  25. The most visited websites in Spain are Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Marca, Wikipedia, El País and El Mundo.

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