Aaron Goldstein

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Aaron Goldstein

Chicago, 33rd Ward Democratic Committeeman (2016-)

A local boy made good, Aaron Goldstein was renting office space from attorneys Sam Adam Jr. and Sr. when he was invited to join the defense team for former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was fighting off a federal corruption case in 2010. The case didn't go well for Blagojevich – he ended up with a 14 year sentence – but Goldstein built a series of new relationships and gained a taste for politics.

Goldstein entered the ring in 2014 by picking a fight with one of the big dogs, State Rep. Jaime Andrade, a former staffer for then 33rd Ward Democratic Committeeman Richard Mell, one of the city's most powerful and legendary pols. Mell's organization campaigned hard for Andrade, and Goldstein took a distant third in a five-way fight. But since he'd begun to build a name, Goldstein tossed his hat in the ring again, this time again Mell himself, for Committeeman in 2016.

Mell, now well into his 70's, barely campaigned, leaving most of the work to his organization. But the 33rd Ward had changed drastically since Mell had first been elected alderman in 1975, becoming vastly more polyglot with a dozens of languages and ethnicities across the neighborhoods. Goldstein eeked out a surprise victory against Mell, winning by a slim 50 votes out of 10,864 cast.

Richard Mell's daughter Deb Mell is the current 33rd Ward Alderman, and it would seem that Goldstein has his eyes on her seat for 2019.

Important Political Events

  • 2014, Defeated for State Representative by Jaime Andrade
  • 2016, Elected 33rd Ward Democratic Committeeman, defeating Richard Mell


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