Carol Ronen

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Carol Ronen

b. March 28, 1945

Illinois, State Representative (1992-2000)
Illinois, 9th Congressional District Democratic Committeewoman (1998-)
Illinois, State Senator (2000-2008)
Chicago, 48th Ward Democratic Committeeman (2008-)

Ronen started as an independent and supporter of Mayor Harold Washington. But when Richard M. Daley moved into the mayor's office she made a quick transition led outreach to the LGBT community for Daley. Not long after meeting Daley's campaign manager David Axelrod, Ronen became Daley's 1991 deputy campaign manager. Still, Ronen maintained her early "independent" relationships, especially with the 48th Ward's Kathy Osterman, Marion Volini and Evanston's Jan Schakowsky, Bob Creamer and Pete Giangreco. Especially with the latter three, Ronen played a leading role in Team Jan, electing a series of independents on the North Lakefront - including Ronen for State Representative in 1992.

Benefiting from close relationships with Team Jan, the Ostermans and Volinis, Ronen was appointed to replace retiring State Senator Art Berman in 2000.

Ronen was an early and vocal supporter of Rod Blagojevich for Governor in the 2002 Democratic primary, a close race for Blagojevich. Since then, Ronen benefited from the Governor's patronage and served as a surrogate for Blagojevich - an increasingly difficult job as the Governor became unpopular with other state legislators and across the state. But in 2008 Ronen suddenly retired from the Senate for a position in the Blagojevich administration. The suddenness and nature of Ronen's retirement gave a boost to her preferred successor, Heather Steans, but in the process irritated Lakefront independents. Ultimately Ronen only served in the Blagojevich administration for six weeks - but long enough to double her state pension.

At the same time Ronen retired from the Senate, her 48th Ward patron Michael Volini retired and passed on to her the 48th Ward Democratic Committeeman post.

Employment and Political History

Worked in Chicago Office of Legislative Affairs in Harold Washington administration. Ronen is also a member of the Democratic National Committee and a superdelegate.


  • Bradley University, B.A., Political Science
  • Roosevelt University, M.A., Public Administration

Important Political Events

  • 1991, Served as Deputy Campaign Manger for Mayor Richard M. Daley
  • 1992, Elected State Representative
  • 1996, Elected 9th CD Democratic Committeewoman
  • 2000, Appointed State Senator by Ward Democratic Committeemen to replace Art Berman
  • 2008, Retired from State Senate
  • 2007, Appointed 48th Ward Democratic Committeeman by ward precinct captains, replacing Michael Volini
  • 2008, Elected 48th Ward Democratic Committeeman