David Moore

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David Moore

Chicago, 17th Ward Alderman (2015-)
Chicago, 17th Ward Democratic Committeeman (2016-)

17th Ward Map - City Ward Map

Receiving 52% of the vote during the 2015 General Election, David Moore defeated two candidates, including Glenda Franklin, a former staffer for the incumbent, Latasha Thomas, and a close friend of influential neighborhood activist, Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church.

Born in Bronzeville, Moore grew up in the Robert Taylor Homes, attended Simeon Vocational High School, received his Bachelor’s degree in accounting and operations management at Western Illinois University, and eventually went on to Loyola University-Chicago to get his Master’s degree in government studies. Moore has worked in both the public and private sectors. Starting his career as an accountant for several Fortune 500 companies, Moore later worked for the city’s Department of Aviation and Housing Authority. Prior to winning the open 17th Ward seat, Moore served as an assistant to Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr.

Moore replaced retiring Ald. Thomas, who was appointed to the seat in 2000 by Mayor Richard M. Daley. Moore made his first attempt at the seat in 2011, pushed Ald. Thomas into her first runoff, but was 321 votes shy of replacing her in office.

Moore has aligned himself with the Council’s Progressive Caucus, and has distinguished himself as one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's loudest opponents. Moore voted against new taxes in Emanuel's 2016 budget, his first budget vote, has been a vocal proponent of police reform and has passionate arguments with mayoral staff.

Current Chicago City Council Committees:

  • Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics
  • Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development
  • Committee on Housing and Real Estate
  • Committee on Human Relations
  • Committee on License and Consumer Protection
  • Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards

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