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Since the passage of the 1970 state constitution, the Illinois State House is made up of 118 legislators, in single-member districts with two-year terms. Two House districts reside in each Illinois Senate district.

There are currently 71 Democrats, a veto-proof supermajority, and 47 Republicans.

Chicago Members of the Illinois House

The following representatives' districts either fall entirely within Chicago city limits or include some portion in their districts.

District Name Party
1 Daniel Burke Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
2 Edward Acevedo Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
3 Luis Arroyo Democratic
4 Cynthia Soto Democratic
5 Juliana Stratton Democratic
6 Sonya Harper Democratic
8 La Shawn Ford Democratic
9 Arthur Turner Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
10 Pamela Reaves-Harris Democratic
11 Ann Williams Democratic
12 Sara Feigenholtz Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
13 Greg Harris Democratic
14 Kelly Cassidy Democratic
15 John D'Amico, Jr. Democratic
19 Robert Martwick, Jr. Democratic
20 Michael McAuliffe Republican
21 Silvana Tabares Democratic
22 Michael Madigan Democratic - Speaker of The House
23 Michael J. Zalewski Democratic
24 Elizabeth Hernandez Democratic
25 Barbara Flynn Currie Democratic Majority Leader
26 Christian Mitchell Democratic
27 Justin Slaughter Democratic
28 Robert Rita Democratic
29 Thaddeus Jones Democratic
30 William Davis Democratic
31 Mary Flowers Democratic
32 Andre Thapedi Democratic
33 Marcus Evans, Jr. Democratic
34 Elgie Sims, Jr. Democratic
35 Frances Ann Hurley Democratic
36 Kelly Burke Democratic
39 Will Guzzardi Democratic
40 Jaime Andrade, Jr. Democratic
78 Camille Lilly Democratic