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The Illinois State Senate is made up of 59 legislators, in single-member districts that serve alternating terms of two or four years so that all districts are remapped every ten years and all are reelected at once in a ten year-cycle. Thus, terms can fall in a 2-4-4, 4-2-4 or 4-4-2 yearly pattern, depending on the district. Each Senate District has two Illinois House districts within its borders.

There are currently 39 Democrats and 20 Republicans, giving Democrats a voting supermajority in the chamber.

Chicago Members of the Illinois Senate

The following senators' districts either fall entirely within Chicago city limits or include some portion in their districts.

District Name Party
1 Antonio Munoz Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
2 Omar Aquino Democratic
3 Mattie Hunter Democratic Majority Caucus Whip
4 Kimberly Lightford Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
5 Patricia Van Pelt Watkins Democratic
6 John Cullerton Democratic - President of the Senate
7 Heather Steans Democratic
8 Ira Silverstein Democratic Majority Caucus Chair
10 John Mulroe Democratic
11 Martin Sandoval Democratic
12 Steven Landek Democratic
13 Kwame Raoul Democratic
14 Emil Jones, III Democratic
15 Napoleon Harris, III Democratic
16 Jacqueline Collins Democratic
17 Donne Trotter Democratic Asst. Majority Leader
18 Bill Cunningham Democratic
20 Iris Martinez Democratic Majority Caucus Whip
39 Don Harmon Democratic - President Pro Tempore