John O'Sullivan

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John O'Sullivan

Cook County, Worth Township Democratic Committeeman (2010-)
Illinois, State Representative (2010-2011)

O'Sullivan, a prominent member of the Laborer's Union, has held a series of County jobs, including at the Cook County Hospital and the Forest Preserve. On two occasions he has been the target of a pair of investigations, once for being no-show at the Cook County Hospital, which was later rescinded, and second for padding his resume at the Forest Preserve, for which he resigned. In late 2010 he briefly served as a fill-in for retiring State Rep. Kevin Joyce, but did not run for election, and thus stepped down at the end of the term in January 2011.

Important Political Events

  • 2010, Elected Worth Township Democratic Committeeman, defeating Dennis Magee
  • 2010, Appointed State Representative, replacing Kevin Joyce
  • 2011, Retired as State Representative, replaced by Bill Cunningham