Laura Murphy

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Laura Murphy

Cook County, Maine Township Democratic Committeeman (2003-)
Illinois, State Senator (2015-)
Des Plaines, 3rd Ward Alderman (2001-2009)

By dint of her long tenure, it's hard to separate any aspect of the Northwest Suburban Maine Township Democrats from Laura Murphy. Appointed to the Committeeman spot after previous chair Andy Przybylo stepped down (Przybylo has been mayor of neighboring Niles since 2008), Murphy has been an activist Committeeman, especially with the election of State Senator Dan Kotowski in 2006. When Kotowski retired from his seat mid-term, Murphy was quickly appointed to his place through her weighted vote along with the support of other Democratic committeemen.

Murphy also holds a state job with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

Important Political Events

  • 1997, Defeated for Maine Township Trustee
  • 1998, Defeated for State Senate by Martin Butler
  • 2001, Elected, 3rd Ward Alderman, Des Plaines, defeating Wayne Elstner
  • 2003, Appointed Maine Township Democratic Committeeman, replacing Andy Przybylo
  • 2006, Elected Maine Township Democratic Committeeman, unopposed
  • 2015, Appointed to State Senate, replacing Dan Kotowski