Michael Carroll

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Michael F. Carroll

Cook County, Orland Township Democratic Committeeman (2016-)
Orland Park, Trustee (2015-)

A resident of Orland Park since 1975 and an Orland Park police officer for twelve years, Carroll left the force in 1998 after obtaining his law license and starting a private practice. Carroll, who has stayed busy with local business and community organizations for years, began his political career in 2013 with election to the local school board. As a testament to his popularity, the newcomer was immediately elected Vice President of the School Board by his fellow members. Then, in 2015 he was slated to be a village trustee by long-time Orland Park Village President and political powerhouse, Dan McLaughlin. Soon after, McLaughlin retired his Democratic Committeeman seat, and Carroll was quickly appointed as his replacement.

After so many years of running Orland Township politics, it's hard to imagine McLaughlin no longer running things, but Mike Carroll seems to be in a good spot to succeed him when he decides to call it quits.

Important Political Events

  • 2013, Elected, Orland Park School District 135, Board Member, Vice President
  • 2015, Elected, Orland Park Village Trustee
  • 2015, Appointed Orland Township Democratic Committeeman, replacing Dan McLaughlin


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