Robert Lovero

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Bob Lovero

Berwyn, Mayor (2009-)
Berwyn, 7th Ward Alderman (2000-2009)
Cook County, Berwyn Township Democratic Committeeman (2005-)

A lifelong resident of Berwyn, Bob Lovero has either been a city employee or elected official of Berwyn since 1982, when he started as a city attorney. The Berwyn Democratic Organization, while small compared to others, made up for it with internecine warfare during the early 2000's. By the time Lovero became an Alderman in 2001, Democrats had been split into two factions for a decade, the Regulars and the Independents. The reasons for the split were many, often centering around accusations of corruption – on both sides – but most importantly the two sides just didn't like one another.

In 2005, the long-time Mayor Thomas Shaughnessy was defeated by Independent Michael O'Connor (a campaign managed by Scott Waguespack) amidst accusations of financial mis-management and corruption by Shaughnessy and Lovero. No charges were filed against Lovero, but Shaughnessy remained under cloud of federal investigation, causing Shaughnessy to step down as head of the Regular Democratic Organization, handing it to Lovero. For the next four years Lovero and O'Connor battled in and outside of City Hall, ultimately leading Lovero to defeat O'Connor for mayor in 2009, 49-41% in a four-way race. Lovero has held the seat ever since.

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