Robert Murphy

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Robert Murphy

Chicago, 39th Ward Democratic Committeeman (2016-)

A photographer and architect, Murphy has been active in the 39th Ward for some time, but became particularly well-known for his role in founding and creating Fair Allocations in Runways (FAiR), an organization dedicated to reducing airplane noise on the Northwest Side resulting from O'Hare Airport traffic. Murphy leveraged his notoriety with FAiR when he launched his 2015 aldermanic campaign against Marge Laurino, a relatively popular incumbent who has rarely had trouble fending off opponents. But Murphy's dogged ground-game, which including knocking doors across the ward for months, resulted in Laurino winning a slim 55-45% victory, a margin that would be preposterous in previous years.

Soon after the aldermanic elections, Laurino's husband Randy Barnett stepped down from the 39th Ward Democratic Committeeman position, handing it to one of Laurino's old ward staffers, Patrick Molloy. Then, in 2016, Murphy reactivated his old campaign machinery, defeating Molloy 55-45%.

It is a virtual guarantee that Murphy will run for alderman again in 2019.

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