Steven Landek

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Steven Landek

b. March 24, 1967

Illinois, State Senator (2011-)
Village of Bridgeview, President (1999-)
Village of Bridgeview, Trustee (1983-1987, 1995-1999)
Lyons Township, Highway Commissioner (2008-2010)
Lyons Township, Supervisor (2010-)
Cook County, Lyons Township Democratic Committeeman (1998-)

Lyons Township Map

Looking back on his career, Steven Landek has clearly been on a mission to collect as many elected positions as there are available in his home town. On top of that, he's the owner and publisher of the area newspaper, the Southwest News Herald. As president (a.k.a. mayor) of Bridgeview, population 16,000, Landek managed his crowning achievement, construction of Toyota Park, home of the Chicago Fire MLS soccer team. However, without a steady flow of concerts and events throughout the year, the Park has been a money-loser. For Landek though, it's been a winner, as he and allies have provided a suite of services to the Park, which is backed by the taxpayers.

Landek is closely allied to former Cong. William Lipinski and his organization, including Rep. Michael J. Zalewski and Ald. Michael R. Zalewski and is also closely allied to Speaker Michael Madigan.

Important Political Events

  • 1983, Elected Bridgeview Trustee
  • 1995, Elected Bridgeview Trustee
  • 1998, Elected Lyons Township Democratic Committeeman, defeating Kenneth Getty
  • 1999, Elected Bridgeview President, defeating Joseph Madonia
  • 2009, Elected Lyons Township Highway Commissioner unopposed
  • 2010, Appointed Lyons Township Supervisor by Township Democratic Committeeman (himself), replacing Russ Hartigan
  • 2011, Appointed State Senator by Ward Committeemen, replacing Louis Viverito
  • 2012, Elected State Senator, defeating Raul Montes, Jr.