Susan Sadlowski-Garza

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Susan Sadlowski-Garza

Chicago, 10th Ward Alderman (2015-)
Chicago, 10th Ward Democratic Committeeman (2016-)

10th Ward Map - City Ward Map

With the help from strong union ties and a newly created labor-group, United Working Families, Susan Sadlowski-Garza, beat long-time incumbent John Pope in a runoff by only 20 votes. Not only was it one of the closest races in 2015, it was also the last race to be decided–Pope vowed to take legal action but eventually conceded the race less than a week before Inauguration. As one of five public school teachers to run for alderman in 2015, Garza is the first member of the Chicago Teachers Union to sit on the council.

A daughter of Ed Sadlowski, a former president of the United Steelworkers of America Local 65, Sadlowski-Garza touted her lifelong union ties. She also counts Tom, Ed and Clem Balanoff, well-known 10th Ward steelworker organizers, as advisors. Following that legacy, Sadlowski-Garza is a member of the Council Progressive Caucus.

Garza worked in CPS for 20 years as a counselor at Jane Addams Elementary and as an Area Vice-President for the Chicago Teachers Union in charge of 69 schools. She was active in school programs like “Safe-Kids” and “Bully Patrol,” and made banning petcoke from Chicago a signature issue during her 2015 campaign.

Current Chicago City Council Committees:

  • Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics
  • Committee on Education and Child Development
  • Committee on Housing and Real Estate
  • Committee on Human Relations
  • Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation
  • Committee on Transportation and Public Way

Important Political Events

  • 2015, Elected 10th Ward Alderman, defeating John Pope in runoff
  • 2016, Elected 10th Ward Democratic Committeeman, defeating Fred Carrizales