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Hello everyone ! I am back with another tutorial. I cannot find any community where I can post this type of topic. Eventually visibility would be less I guess. Hopefully I would get some support to continue on this learning development journey. Please visit first part before moving here. Let's begin :

Layout of Game Engine


Lets learn some handy tools again


You can see these tools on top left of game engine. I will explain 6 tools which are used all the time.

1. Hand Tool

![handtool.PNG]( This hand tool is similar to most programs that lets your pan around the scene view (refer to first part if unclear). It is very useful to move and navigate around your different areas of game in scene view. Shortcut Key : Q

2. MoveTool

![Move.PNG]( This tool helps to move gameobjects (images / 3d objects) or any other to different location. You can move in different axis x, y or z. Shortcut Key : W

3. Rotate Tool

![Rotate.PNG]( Rotate tool helps to rotate any gameobjects in any axis x, y or z to your desired final result. Shortcut Key : E

4. Scale Tool

![scale.PNG]( Scale tool helps to scale up or down that is expand or shrink gameobjects. Shortcut Key : R

These 4 tools will be used in each and every time while developing. So better you learn these shortcuts so that you could save time when switching between them. Ok now let's continue :

Pivot (Handle position Tool)

![Pivot.PNG]( This tool shows your gameobject's pivot point or places handle tool (axis representation) into your current active chosen gamebject. It is toggle that means it toggles to pivot or Centre (places handle tool in center of gameobject)

Global / Local


It is also toggle. When you toggle to Global, your rotation will be performed with respect to the world and when in Local, your rotation will be performed with respect to your parent. That means your parent will treated as origin and from there rotation will be performed. This is difficult at first but when you get hang of it , becomes easy.

Those toggles above are very important. We also use them often to rotate to different space and change pivot to desired point.

I want to discuss one last thing before closing in. This is one of the Components from the Inspector (properties).


![transform.PNG]( You can check first part , I have shown the full layout. I wanted to discuss it because this is the root component where it tracks down your gameobjects position, rotation and scale. You can alter their values from here. Remember what I explained earlier tools . Those top four tools. You can use one of them to change these values directly. It will be easy from those tool to switch and alter values.

With that I want to conclude my tutorial. Hope you learn or find interesting here. Hopefully, I get attention to get support to continue to teach on this topic.

Lastly, Thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their constant support.

Thank your for reading... Good day !!


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