A large asteroid will hit Europe in October. NASA is creating another simulation

After the cosmic rock hits the surface of the Earth, the everyday life of all mankind will change dramatically.

Even if it is a small asteroid, the consequences could be dire for the entire planet.

Immediate death of thousands of people and long-term isolation, limited access to food or water for all survivors. The restrictions of the CoVID-19 pandemic will be nothing but what may await us.

NASA is aware of the fact that such an event will take place.

It is only a matter of time.

Therefore, we have less and less time to prepare to survive this cataclysm. The Agency has already prepared the Planetary Defense Conference Exercise for the second time, i.e. a simulation of an asteroid collision with the Earth and possible scenarios of operation.

According to the simulation, the object is to hit the territory of Austria, and the field of fire will also include Poland. The fictitious scenario predicts that on April 19, 2021, an asteroid with a magnitude of 21.5 was spotted, and its existence was confirmed by 100 percent the next day.

It was immediately named 2021 PDC.


The Sentry JPL asteroid detection system and the CLOMON system have analyzed the object's trajectory and set several future dates for the asteroid to potentially hit Earth, with the most likely impact date being October 20, 2021.

Unfortunately, mankind will have too little time to prepare, as only six months remain from detection to impact.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as it has only a 5 percent chance of impact. Subsequent observations of the 2021 PDC have shown that it is a rock with a diameter of 140 to 250 meters.

It is intended to hit an area of ​​800 by 250 kilometers.

The destruction will affect the area within a radius of 250 kilometers from the impact site.

Scientists have calculated that hitting the Earth will directly affect the lives of a million people, but the catastrophe will take on a global dimension. What next?

NASA has made available all the data on this space rock, and further action is already on the side of the authorities of the European Union and the countries covered by the threat alert.

Nevertheless, all governments must prepare an appropriate plan, according to which they will properly prepare for action. At present, the largest restrictions related to the CoVID-19 pandemic in the world are in Europe.

Does it have to do with NASA simulation?

Interestingly, an American agency conducted a similar simulation two years ago.

The target of the asteroid impact was New York.

Unfortunately, despite the preparation of a solid evacuation plan, it was not possible to save this metropolis at that time.

Millions of people died, and the entire world was plunged into chaos that ended in war.


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