About Infrared Technology

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We know that technology has changed our lives, our way of living, of communicating with the rest of the world thanks to technology, but we really know about the advances or how they are developed and what effect it can have, because it is the way to use it, as it is also said so well it is a form of business with its risk, because each technology when developed is for a purpose.

out of curiosity I am interested in infrared technology, is thanks that currently is used in various devices and equipment, up to a wide range of use, this technology is born from the following initiative 1800 by William Herschel, thanks to his experience I live in one of his trials was found that where he placed a mercury thermometer in the spectrum, achieving a glass prism in order to measure the heat emitted by each color, The most interesting thing is that a form of radiation originates with time and is called infrared, since it is a form of energy transmission through medium electromagnetic waves, it was possible to verify that this can move at the speed of light, at the beginning of these studies the information obtained was that they were based on the application of devices that capture radiation by increasing temperature, over time this type of technology was improved.

This type of radiation can be medium and long, in the case of the medium are radiated regardless of their color and nature, then we have the long action to hot materials, as well as emitted by the most common heating systems, the microwave elnhormo produces a radiation of this kind as well as ultraviolet.

One of its major applications in infrared devices are used in night vision equipment, also serves in telecommunications technology in the short signal peripheral, television, also the fiber optic that seems to have many uses this technology, remembering that it is a type of radiation but is not visible is also part of visible light is somewhat ironic but is part of the science of physics, apart in the world of medicine was given to announce that the application of infrared light stimulates an increase in white blood cells, you must apply certain levels of radiation.

We must be careful when operating devices that use this technology, because a misuse of it has its consequence for example the infrared radiation produces an increase in global eye temperature, skin burn, affects red blood cells, all technology is known about it and its true nature, apart from its impact.



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