According to the IGN report, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) actually sends your data to a Chinese server

Krafton has released a beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India for pre-registered users on Android. The game has not yet been officially released in India. Krafton is expected to announce the release date of BGMI for iOS and Android in the next few days. The new report may cause disputes among PUBG Mobile developers. According to a new report, BGMI data is being sent to a server in Beijing, China. A report by IGN India cited its sources as saying that the data will be sent to Tencent Proxima Beta in Hong Kong, and Microsoft Azure servers in the United States, Mumbai, and Moscow. The publication claims to have verified its provenance record through cross-validation of the packet tracking application. One of the servers was found to be owned by China Mobile Communications Corporation, which is headquartered in Beijing. The other servers discovered are QCloud and AntiCheat Expert, both of which are Tencent servers.


The data sent to China also includes user device data. The new Krafton Battlegrounds Mobile India Terms of Use stipulate that players’ personal data will be stored and processed on servers in India. However, the new conditions also stipulate that the company can “transfer your data to other countries” in accordance with “legal requirements”.

Due to privacy issues, PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year. Crafton said at the time that he was working closely with the Indian government to comply with local laws. He also announced that in order to restart the game, he had severed his editorial relationship with Tencent in India. The new report may cause Krafton’s concerns. This happened after various political leaders called for a ban on the PUBG Mobile alternative in India. Recently, the Federation of Indian Traders (CAIT) wrote to the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), stating that BGMI poses a security threat to Indians.

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