Affiliate Marketing: A Digital Gold Mine


With the passing of time and the evolution of the world, different business tools or ways of obtaining income have been born that established a before and after in the industry, international trade and the way to promote any type of product, brand or service. The tool that has gained more strength in recent years is affiliate marketing, as this refers to the promotion or advertising of a brand, service or product of a third party, where the person who is affiliated or associated with it, is responsible for conducting advertising campaigns that allow you to make sales, where the affiliate will keep a percentage of commission and the author or owner with a percentage of profits established by both.


It should be noted that affiliate marketing goes beyond making a simple sale, as it encompasses a whole concept of what it is to consolidate a market through a specific product or brand; this type of marketing allows the developer to have a greater impact on the market, being the affiliate in charge of the business image of the same, thus creating a constant interaction with the community interested or chosen to move or promote the products and / or services. On the other hand, the success of a good marketing campaign will always depend on the vision of the affiliate and the creator, since both are needed to survive in a demanding market.

There will always be commercial markets that stand out from others and that is where affiliates and their work tools come in, since they will be in charge of defining the market niche (types of clients or specific areas of development) to obtain the necessary information to present a segmentation (identification of needs and classification of the same) that allows to exploit to the maximum the market where the company, brand or person is launching its product or service.


Affiliate marketing has been the most helpful tool for brands, influencers and industries, because it allows a greater reach of these to the world; simply because having a person to promote your products or services for you, you will have the ability to close more sales, remember that we live in a changing world and therefore new faces and strategies are needed to sell the same product.

An example of Affiliate Marketing would be the creation of a digital book, where you are the creator and owner of the sales rights, in the first month of launch you enter the market with 1000 copies and you have total success and manage to sell them all. But the next month you only sell 500 copies and in the third month you only sell 200 copies; you start to look for the problem about your sales and you realize that you have not had enough publicity that you should, you start to investigate your market and design marketing campaigns on your own... You got an answer right away, because you start to sell again 1000 copies per month.


Now you realize that you need something else to break the sales barrier and you investigate and come across the mentioned Affiliate Marketing and start promoting a Reseller system (resale rights) with a profit for your partners or affiliates of 40% for each sale. In the first month 50 people affiliate to your product and each of them manages to sell 600 copies in their first month as affiliates. With this tool you have used you managed to increase your sales by 3000%, since you sold 30,000 copies in that first month.

All this is due to the fact that your affiliates or partners have been in charge of promoting the product for you, thus achieving a greater reach. This was just a short example of what affiliate marketing can achieve and today many authors, brands and industries are leveraging their sales in this system, as it is the current sales revolution and where both parties receive the greatest benefit, referring to the creator and the affiliate.


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