App that shows the severity of pain by looking at the face

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Today I am going to share something about technology, I hope you might like it.[source]( At the back of the PEN app there is data from 66,000 patients, which can be used to predict the plight of a silent patient with 90% accuracy.

Australia: Ordinary people express pain and discomfort but dementia and other patients cannot express it due to this condition. As a result, it is difficult to know their pain and sometimes the wrong treatment. Now an app has been created in view of this shortcoming.

The app is called 'Pan Check' which senses the intensity of pain by looking at artificial intelligence and facial features. In this way, it can describe the pain in different degrees. Any caregiver can make a short video of the patient's face from the smartphone and tell about the patient's movements, behavior and conversation. During this time, the app monitors facial muscle strain and other evidence. The information then describes the severity of the pain under the supervision of the supervisor.

So far, 180,000 reviews of the problem have been collected in 66,000 people worldwide, according to a company called PanCheck. With this large database, this app can tell with 90% accuracy how much trouble a woman's man is in.

Patients with dementia in particular are unable to speak and cannot express their grief to anyone. In this context, the 'Abbey Pan Scale' was created for facial features which is now being used in the app.

Curtin University of Australia launched work on the app in 2012 to quickly diagnose patients. Since then, the app has become a regular medical device. In Australia, Canada and Europe, the monthly fee is set at 4$.

This app is proving to be very useful especially for dementia patients as the number of such patients worldwide has crossed 50 million and their number is increasing by 10 million every year.

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