Are you a climate dupe?

Give the most brilliant on the planet a problem. Will that person come up with the solution faster than eight billion other minds on the planet? Should a few mediocre minds dictate policies to more brilliant or eight billion other minds?

The problem is that people in power can dictate what information is shared. With very minimal effort, people could see there are gaps in the current climate change narrative. For many years, the impact of this narrative has been negligible. Economically, it was in the realm of $50 Billion annually.

This impact has shifted much worse in recent years. It destroyed the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka and crippled the agriculture sectors in Canada and Denmark. Now the Canadian government is waging war on highly-skilled, well-paying jobs in other sectors.

[The Canadian government] will socially engineer the transition of the Alberta (the oil-rich province in Canada) workforce out of high-paying skilled jobs in oil and gas production to low-paying and largely imaginary jobs in the "Clean Economy."

There are two concepts the mediocre-minded politicians failed to learn in their "Introduction to Economics" courses: the Multiplier Effect and the Velocity of Money. A person with a high-paying job will purchase goods and services from another, who will purchase from someone else and so on. Transitioning people to lower-paying jobs will collapse the size of the economy and expand the lower class.

Additionally, the video described the qualification of the people making fatuous policies. They believe that if we change our beliefs to some fairy tale of what the world should be, it will change the reality of the way the world really is. If people (except the elites) stop using cars, flying, and eating healthy food, everyone will be happy.

The video's narrator goes into depth with examples of when the climate reinforces the narrative of climate change and when it contradicts the narrative, it is merely weather.


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