As simple as water

drop-of-water-578897_1280.webp Image source pixabay

Maintaining the importance of technology as a help in our daily lives, and living in the new era of new innovation and new technology, which has another impact on the environment and society, is a new awakening to new knowledge which is the potential to continue developing new skills and new quality of life.

What is the purpose of technology with water has two sides or two approaches one applies technology to save water and the other part thanks to water and its natural source is generated energy source such as water power or hydropower this has to be obtained from the use of kinetic energy and potential of the water flow, as well as can sesaltos water or tides naturally, it is important technology when linked with water.

I make very unusual but innovative is that our current device was developed, this has the capacity and the potential passive system, which has the power to extract water from the drier air, using only solar energy, this is another advance of the new technology that promises a fruit to communities where water is scarce, thanks to the technology used metal-organic (Metal-Organic Frameworks or MOF).

In the field of agriculture is used irrigation systems managed by irrigation system through the use of app from a cell phone, apart from the new technology is used with ozone and carbon for the process of extraction, purification, distribution of water, technology is increasingly attached to water and its great fan of use and as a natural source of resources and energy. Also for the house of salt water technology is applied, the sieve of graphite oxide retains salts, letting only the water pass, there is also electrodialysis, which is used to desalinate brackish water, with devices that use ions.

We only have to be conscious with our natural resources, since you will not make them last for a lifetime.



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