Automated mechanical systems / Industrial Automation

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Greetings again my dear readers, we continue to observe our environment with the purpose of continuing to highlight the essential impact that each technological advance has generated in our activities, activities as we know linked to our development, and of course, that have great influence on our quality of life, in this way we continue to value the fundamental principle which we have already made essential in each of our publications, that is, the one that expresses that technology is applied science.

The above definition has always been our essential point of reference because the science-technology nexus has managed to transform our changing lifestyle, especially with the advent of new technologies, therefore, it is important to express that the generation of new materials has allowed us the possibility of taking huge steps in the evolution of humanity and consequently the improvement of each mechanical system no matter how complex it is.

In previous articles we have made a wonderful journey through some machines that have impacted our lives such as motorcycles, cars, helicopters, airplanes, among many others, the truth is that each one of them represents complex mechanical systems that over time have been improved thanks to the application of new technologies.

In this opportunity as you could see in the gif at the beginning of this article, we will relate to the automation of mechanical systems in industries and this technique consists of the implementation of computerized and electromechanical elements in order to achieve proper control of certain machines or industrial processes as observed at the beginning of this article.

This wonderful technological application could be said to be broader than a particular control system, because it also covers the essential industrial instrumentation, which is limited to important elements such as sensors, transmitters, transmission systems and the necessary activity of data collection and above all the fact of the application of any type of software in real time intervals and thus able to control and observe each operation in these industrial processes.


Many are the technological applications that we can find around us and each one of them fulfilling a certain function as the one observed in the gif at the beginning of this content, and in addition knowing that the mechanical systems generally are very complex due to the great amount of elements and mechanisms that compose them, nevertheless, the man has been able to apply to these systems technologies that regulate the operation of the same.

With this article we continue to highlight in a general way the great impact that technological applications have in our activities, no matter the area where we are, the truth is that automation is implemented every day with greater force in our industries, and as always with its cons and benefits, the truth is that such applications take greater force in the different activities that human beings develop.

Until another opportunity, my dear and appreciated readers.

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