Blood sugar

Even if you eat immediately when you get out of bed in the morning, do you get hungry after a short time? Does it happen that sometimes your eyes are starving or your hands and feet tremble? If you answer "Yes" to these questions or shake your head up and down, you may also be a diabetic. Although it is known as diabetes among the people, it should be noted that the accepted name of this disease in the medical language is diabetes.


"What is diabetes?" I think the clearest answer to the question is "The level of sugar in the blood exceeds normal values".

When I was a kid, I used to think diabetes is "a very sweet disease" due to its name, but unfortunately the facts are not that sweet. I met the concept of diabetes for the first time thanks to my wife. We were lovers back then, and we always carried packaged items such as cakes and chocolates with us. Because when the sugar drops, his hands and feet start to shake and he says "I feel like I will faint. He could be read because of his weakness. Fortunately, we've reduced its effects a lot later by eating right.

Later, at the theater where I worked, a friend of mine called us on the way back to the theater and said, "I'm coming but my sugar is too low. Can you bring something like cake or fruit juice from there?" he would ask.

Then we started to see scars from the same illness in my aunt. Nowadays, he measures his blood sugar every morning by taking blood from his finger. I cannot help but say that it is quite a laborious job. When he says troublesome, it creates a psychological disgust that bothers people. Taking blood from the finger every morning. Okay, it doesn't hurt much, but still your finger gets pierced every morning.



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