Brave beats youtube

Brave for anyone who may be unaware is a security and privacy focused web browser. They block adds trackers several more types of negative web page issues. Crazy as it seems they even offer options to pay users ill cover later.

 Ok now what does this have to do with youtube. Has anyone been frustrated with tbe level of ads on youtube. This browser removes them from the videos entirely witch the service youtube tries to make you pay for. Note that im not suggesting theft please be mindful of the content creators as bloggers we get the importance. If you want you can donate to most patreon channels they direct you to buy merch ect.

The possibly coolest feature of the brave browser is its monetizing functionality. Those who dont want to monetize social media also get the option to view adds if they want to for basic attention token (BAT). You may also donate the BAT as a tip to many forms of content creators in the form oof tips. Furthermore you may add many forms of crated content to the brave content creator program including reddit,twitter,twitch, and youtube. When they sign up with their content creator program they pay you based on followers view numbers likes and tips. This actually contrary to what you might think is a good thing for the creators who often find it hard to monetize on youtube due to crazy requirements for add rev. 
  So if your tired of being tracked forced to watch adds. Or just want content creators to get their deserved payment for their hard work. Try brave.
 Anyone who has not tried brave or even if you need to become a content creator through brave you can use my referral.

Or if you would rather here is just the website.


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