Can machine learning help computers to take over the world?

Machine learning can be defined as change made in structure of the machine to enhance its performance. Machine learning helps the machines with artificial intelligence to learn the processes and identify the problems and solve them. These machines can be used in data analysis, recognition, predictions diagnosis and projections. There are different learning mechanisms which are used to help the machine to learn which include supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning.

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Not every change that is made in machine helps it to learn. For example, Facebook had used artificial intelligence and machine learning to train a machine with specific vocabulary dataset. However, what happened that this machine started to develop its own language using the alphabet in that dataset. If multiple machines learned that language, they could communicate with each other in that language and it would be difficult for us to understand. However, Google and Facebook are still trying to help machines learn through training datasets.

Why machine learning is important; there are lot of reasons for it. Psychologists use concepts of machine learning to understand human learning. It helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of machines. It reduces the volume of code that programmer writes, therefore reducing the chances of human error.

Machine learning can be used to learn variety of topics. Some of the topics are artificial intelligence, statistics, problem and logic rule sets, terminology and grammars, finite state machines, problem solving systems and functions. Now-a-days, most focused topics are artificial intelligence and statistics.

Many organizations are using machines to complete manual tasks which are at one time impossible to complete in short time. Since the last few decades, volume of data has rapidly increased and it is impossible for humans to analyze this data. This paved way for automated processes and machines to work on such difficult tasks. We can derive useful information from data analysis and it can help us to boost our businesses. Today’s world is world of Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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With the help of machine learning, the models or algorithms can develop data that looks like training dataset. For example, if we run the manuscript of a book through machine, it can identify the density of words in every page of manuscript. In output, the text will be similar to the information in the manuscript.

It is difficult for human beings to analyze data because it has variables and more than 03 dimensions. With the help of machine learning, it is possible to reduce the dimensions of the data by clustering similar variables together. This process helps us to understand and identify relationships within variable clusters. If the client wants to get summary of data, machine learning can help us using specified or non-specified parameters.

Machine learning can automate the computers but it doesn’t mean that they can take over the world. It depends upon the algorithms that human beings develop. Therefore it still needs human interference because they will set parameters and train the machines with different training datasets.

It helps the computers to discover patterns which human beings can’t see. The computer will then make adjustment to the system. For example, humans created smart buildings to make sure that the people inside it help to improve the living conditions of the people. However, we can’t expect that machine will learn to be more productive. Humans need to set up the definitions and rules which the building will follow.

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Both machine learning and artificial learning are interrelated. Machine learning is subset of artificial intelligence that drives the process of data mining. AI allows machines to think like humans. Humans can capture thousands of data points using his five senses. The brain can recall memories from past, draw conclusions and make relevant decisions. Humans learn to recognize the patterns but every person has a limit.

Machine learning is invention of this age and it is developing quickly. It is being utilized in buildings in different ways to increase the efficiency of existing infrastructure and help to improve the experience of residents. In the last decade, the advances in data storage and computing have changed the whole scenario and machines are now able to work on tasks that were once difficult to learn.

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