China's crackdown on young gamers

China has started what they call crackdown but others will call it a terrorist rule because they are not respecting human rights by ordering young kids can only play games three hours a week.

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While in other countries three hours is used by many young adults to watch their favorite game streamers on youtube or twitch.

China plans to diverge from the west that is why they are passing hash laws like this law, the law is to tighten already strict rule on the time children spend on video games which they china government think they will obey.

Rui Ma who lives in California united states and who hosts the Tech Buzz China podcast, has stated that china relies on the game industries, and for its leading game industry Tencent, to enforce the rules using a facial recognition process.

He kept saying that a user has to link your real ID to your account. And that Tencent makes you scan your face if you're playing late at night for more than three hours. So even though your identification clearly shows that you are older than 18, if you're playing in the midnight, they'll assume that you're a child unless you scan your face."

Such strict and strange regulation that will have an effect on adults thinking as well as children, would be unacceptable in many countries in the world.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson who is the owner of market research firm Niko Partners has analyse that Asian games market especially china's games market, has for years banned the import of games consoles that means if you are in china you won't be able to legally own a Ps5 😪

The Chinese government has always been open on this matter, saying that they are here to protect their youths against what they consider harmful contents and harmful behaviours," she stated.

The China that is being talked about obviously has a strong, fast-growing game industry, and while there should be a little impact on it in the present, eventually according Ms Hanson who sees the threat to the lives of the next generation of game developers and professional game players.

"That is the disagree part, especially when you consider e-sports, this will be a big strange change because You need to train for your sport, and e-sports is a sport, and if they're not able to train then they will not be able to compete.

Meanwhile, in places like Europe and some part of the world, competition between the game-streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch to attract star players is getting more and more interesting.

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