Computer Setup (or Setup) are OVERRATED. It is just pure consumerism and show off contest.


The image bellow is my setup. It pretty simple as you see. It serves the purpose, and it is comfortable.

IMG_5153.jpeg Figure 1: My multi-use setup. I use this setup to accomplish everything I need to do, from work to hobbies. As I said, it serves the purpose. But…If you are on social media like Instagram and Pinterest, most likely you would believe that is not possible to accomplish something with a simple setup. And most likely you will think, that you need more, more, and more, and spend more…I mean spending on an expensive setup. I’m talking about an ultra-wide curve monitor or dual, or even triple monitor, a super mouse, a mechanical keyboard with premium suspension for your powerful hands, lights behind your desk, the latest MacBook or even tower computer, an adjustable table, a chair from Calvine. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just type computer setup, or productive setup, work setup, or even my setup. And the result will be one of those overkill setups.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 11.25.40 PM.png

In today social media world, It seems like productivity is equal, expensive setup. When in reality, an expensive setup, is just an expensive setup. That's it.

If you don’t wanna fail into the tech spending marathon, you have to ask your self, “Do I really need all those tools?", "What do I want to build that need all this power?" Those are real questions that we all should ask ourselves.

I actually research the owner of those expensive setups, and for most of them, I could not find a reason that justifies of their expensive setups, beside the obvious one, "I have money and it is trending".

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 6.31.55 PM.png

That not all, we also should ask ourselves, "How did we get here?" Two words, Tech Reviewers, aka the whole tech community.

You know... the tech community. They understand nothing about technology. Most of them are sales people, with a direct or indirect sponsors. "WAKE UP!!! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY" They want you to spend your hard earn money. Otherwise, how would they make money. To be honest, it is good business strategy, but not for you.

For many years, those tech channel or accounts have been promoting setups, or something like computer setup. With content such as "computer setup wars", “this my new setup”, “what I have in my desk”, “my home setup”, “my work setup”, “setup reviews”, “my editing setup”, “my game setup” which has console as well, confuse... "don’t forget to click in link bellow, use my coupon code".

Their followers start to think “hum, they have this and they are successful, so, if I buy all those gadgets, I will be successful as well”, which is very unlikely to happen.

Some of us, subconsciously, failed into their consumerism propaganda...

And to be honest, that was the goal after all, not your goal.

They have monetary interest in having everyone believing in their propaganda. That’s why they will keep pushing people into believe that an expensive setup is not luxury decoration, but a necessity.

The more people believe, the more money they will make. It is just a good business!

When people buy those expensive gadgets, they post photos about their expensive and underused setups, because... they already spent tons of money and they want to show off, and why not!! It gives some instant gratification and validates their decision. Some people will comment bellow “What is the monitor”, “what is this mouse”, “you got an amazing setup”, and the people receiving those comments, will feel good about their expensive purchase, it will feel like they made the right financial decision, and it is already paying off. And then some of those people who comment, will go and do the same, and the cycle will continue.

Out of sudden, everyone needs a pack of triple monitors , a powerful computer with led, and a mechanical keyboard just to write “Hello world”, in Html, even worst! To use all this graphic power just to watch movies, what a disgrace.

Conclusion I’m not hating on those who have expensive setup, because, it is your money and you do you. I’m just stating the obvious, that most of us don’t need all of those tools or computer power to accomplish something. This kind of mindset is damaging for our progress, especially if you are starting out. My opinion is that when you are starting you should learn how to be resourceful, and improve as you need, because...most likely you don't know what you are doing, and you will end up buying stuff that you don't need. Just ask yourself, how many companies were started with an expensive setup? The answer is zero. Most tech companies were started by a person with a shit computer. If they can, so should you


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