Cute little Loli is also a witch, under the Russian magic film "Gogol Evil"

Curly rounded up the people in the village and told them that girls under 30 were not allowed out at night.

Unexpectedly the next morning, signs of ghost knights appeared in 7 houses in a row. These girls were once locked up by ghost knights. Foolish to see these marks painted in dog blood.

Unexpectedly, there were signs on the duke's castle, and it seemed like Sasha was also the target of the ghost knights. Lizi suggests moving the girls to a place where the ghost knights cannot be found. Mustache is recommended for nearby abandoned farms.

Lizi told Sasha about this suggestion, but the Duke disagreed.

In the village, little Lolita, a strong daughter, goes to help her father make clothes. Hearing of a family's house, he enters and checks. From the window, he saw that a girl could move things in outer space, and there was a piece hanging on the pillar beside her. Bloody dog.

The girl found little Lolita and immediately appeared behind her. The girl stretched out her long nails and wanted to hurt Little Lolita, but she bounced back. Little Lolita was actually a little witch.

Little Lori ran home and told Ethan what he had seen. Ethan comes to Lizi's residence, asking her to find Curly Hair. He first went to his sister's house. Hearing the sound of a fight, he ran inside. The robed man stabbed the girl's heart with a wooden stick. After seeing Lizi, a stick knocked her out. He saw more hallucinations, hallucinations about religion and demons.

When he woke up, the robed man left, leaving a strange spell on the scene. The girl's hand was also nailed to the floor, which was a ritual to hold the magician down.

At night, Nana's ghost came to look for Lizi, Lizi took out a wooden stick that was stabbed into the witch's body and asked Nana if she knew what it was. Nana was so frightened that she flew into a corner. It turned out that this was a holy weapon used against evil spirits.

Lizi suspected that the man in the robe would return to finish the ceremony, hide in the autopsy room, and after an argument, he caught the man in the robe.

The man in the robe is an exorcist. He used his prosthetic hand to untie the rope. He held onto Lizi and let her curly hair close itself into the cells.

The witch in the anatomy room is aware and wants to hurt Stupid. Fortunately, the robed man arrived just in time and transferred the witch to the church with Lizi.

The man in the robe must use a magician to attract a bigger demon and get rid of him. The two of them stood within the protective circle and waited.

On the other hand, Curly asked his subordinates to secretly send the tagged girls to an abandoned village for protection. The girls were still playing happily, but unexpectedly, the ghost knights had come out of the door. After the battle, the guards lost and the entire army was annihilated. When Curly arrives, all the girls have been killed, and the sight is terrifying.

Curly thinks that the originator of everything, including the ghost knights, is a small room where the girls gather, to capture them all.

The witches in the church began to appear abnormal, and were resurrected, revealing their ugly appearance. The robed man started chanting a spell. The ghosts around him are attracted to the church. A flock of crows hovered over the church.

Lizi accidentally stepped on the plank, and the mage took this opportunity to pull the cloaked man out of the protective circle, and the cloak man's pawn. Lizi continued to chant. The church glass broke and the wind blew. The red-eyed demon came to Lizi from the darkness. Nana reminded Lizi not to look into the devil's eyes. But he still accidentally saw it in the mirror, and was almost killed by the red-eyed demon.

Lizi stubbornly took her incantation and continued chanting, the mage was annihilated. The red eyed devil was also shattered to pieces.

When Curly and his party arrive, the protagonist has just died.


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