Differences Between HIV And AIDS

Hiv attacks a cell in the body and this cell is known to be CD4 when this virus is contacted it weakens the body cell and the body soldiers won't be able to combat sickness and diseases. The body is wired to fight against many diseases though not all of these diseases can be eliminated and studies show that HIV is one of these diseases.

Treatment with antiretroviral drugs can oftentimes reduce the virus by slowing down the rate of damages that will be done to the body. Treatment reduces the percentage of viruses in the body system to a level where it won't be dangerous to the person who carries it.

This makes the body healthy to some extent and this reduces the virus transmission rate.HIV stands for Human Immuno virus.AIDS is a syndrome that develops in a person who has been living with HIV and such a person does not receive treatment. Most Hiv patient who receives their treatment often doesn't result into AIDS. If you don't treat it, HIV will never stop destroying the body's immune system.AIDS means Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome. In nutshell Hiv graduates to Aids is not properly managed.

There Are many causes of HIV, and they are listed below:

Sharing of shape object: when we share a shape object with another person without knowing what the person's HIV status is, then we are risking our lives and opening ourselves to all kinds of infections and diseases.

Through the use of unsterilized needles: many a time, we visit the care centers for treatment when we are down with sickness, through this sickness, there might be a need to be given drugs through injection.

All we need to do is not to allow you to be treated with a sterilized needle or you ask for a new needle syringe to be given to you. Another means one can be infected with the virus is through unprotected sex, Many people engage in casual sex and neglect the importance of condoms, which is to prevent us from sexually transmitted diseases.

Though condoms may not be 100 percent effective to combat sexually transmitted diseases they will protect us from protecting ourselves.

Another way in which one can be infected with this infection is through unscreened blood transfusion. many a time, an accident may occur and it is said a person is short of blood and it is important to transfuse blood to such a patient.

In most doctors and health, practitioners may be in hurry to save a life so they hurriedly collect blood and transfuse such blood without screening it to be HIV-free.

The above ways in which HIV is been transmitted show that Hiv is not just like every other. What then are the differences between HIV and Aids.HIV and AIDS are used simultaneously lead to confusion about what their differences are all about. Having cleared the air on HIV and Aids.

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HIV comes from a family or a group of viruses known to be retroviruses.HIV attacks white blood cells in the body system. These cells if not treated will make HIV will develop to be called AIDS.itโ€™s the last stage of HIV.It a general term for the disease that emanates by not treating Hiv.if not treated by the carrier. The Disease and symptoms will differ from the person that has AIDS which may necessarily include fatigue.

Not everyone who has HIV has Aids and at the same time, not every person with HIV will Have AIDS. Because there are many treatments made available for people living with HIV, people develop AIDS. Study shows that people who have AIDS are people who have not been tested for HIV and have never taken their antiviral drugs.HIV can be treated with drugs but AIDS can just be prevented.

Before you can know you are a carrier of Hiv, you must first go through a test to be determined positive of the virus. There are no tests whatsoever for AIDS because it has join forces with other infections and diseases that can not be treated. This is the main reason why AIDS is difficult to be treated.

Lastly, HIV is a virus that destroys the immune system of the body and AIDS used only be HIV has caused a lot of damage to the body immune system and kills the body soldiers.

It is so important to note that HIV is different from Aids because it is Hiv that can lead to AIDS. Hiv when managed can be cured completely but Aids at its last stage can't be cured but managed. In this bid, HIV and AIDs are two different terms with different meanings hence it should be critically looked into.

Drugs as been produce to reduce the rate of HIV in the body but For AIDS also has drugs that reduce its influence in the body but it can later lead to the death of an individual. It is also important to note that we should avoid all things that can make us acquire HIV and AIDS.

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