Do you see the UNSEEN - Technology

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Technology is the same for everyone but the real difference is in how it is utilised. Most of us follow the crowd and do what is obvious, very few are there who go against the tide.

We often get persuaded by other people's opinion about the technologies. If an online platform is described as a social media platform, it doesn't have to be only that. The real utilization of the platform depends upon how we use it. We need not do what most of the people are doing, we must look and experiment what more we can achieve through it rather than just social media.

We cannot learn about the platforms just by going through the white papers or faqs. It is only the creator's version of what it is, the reality could be different.

There is always an "Ideal" case scenario and an "Actual" case scenario, the actual case depends upon how we look at the platform. We must always look at any platform with a fresh perspective.

If we are just following others and doing what everyone else is doing we might end up in the rat race. Consider this platform, are we using it in the same manner how everyone else is doing. Have we thought of a different way of using this platform?

It is up to our imagination and creativity to what we can achieve from the same platform.

We should not wait for the right platform/technology to show up rather we must use the available platform in such a manner that it meets our requirements.

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For most of us, a safety pin Is just an ordinary pin. But there are many who can use this safety pin in many other possible ways. The only thing which matters is, can we see the UNSEEN?


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