Don't confuse his possessiveness for you with love "big little lies"

The pair that impressed me the most in the play were Celeste Wright and Perry Wright. Both of them have very good handsomeness. Her husband, Perry, has a successful career and a lot of money. They also have twin sons. In the eyes of outsiders, they are a loving and happy family couple like fairies. Celeste was several years older than her husband Perry, but in front of outsiders, Perry always spoiled Celeste, and two people in the eyes of others were always very attached and harmonious. The caring and romantic Perry has become synonymous with the perfect husband. On the surface, the wind and waves are calm, but in reality, the undercurrent is surging.

Perry, who looks perfect and caring, actually has a strong desire to dominate and dominate Celeste. Previously, Celeste was a very successful lawyer, a typical career beauty. After she and Perry were together, she gave up the familiar environment because Perry gave up her career for the family and moved to Monterey, California. This was Perry's first step towards Celeste's possessiveness. Celeste became a full-time mother, but the family always employed a nanny. Celeste didn't have to worry about household chores, and seemed to live a carefree life as a noble wife. But this is not the case.

Perry often got mad at Celeste for no reason, sometimes because Celeste missed school on the first day of school because Celeste didn't tell her child's orientation day, and sometimes because Celeste didn't call. Open your own Frozen entertainment show. But the fact is that Perry is always away from home on business trips, and Celeste does not have the opportunity to sit and discuss with her, and the exhibition is also where her mother takes the children to play, and it is not very convenient for them. him to go. Perry did not listen to the explanation at all. He is obsessed with Celeste deliberately letting him absent from family activities. A strong sense of insecurity within him made him feel that everything was out of his control, and he began to act out of control when he felt out of control. Be controlled,

After each act of violence, Perry would immediately change her appearance, cry, get down on her knees, tell Celeste that she felt sorry for her, say that she loved her too much and loved family too much. Perry repeated this trick each time, taking control of Celeste's weaknesses - their love, family and children. That's it, countless domestic violence, Celeste still doesn't have the determination to leave Perry.

Perry suggests that the two go to a family counselor for mediation. Initially, Celeste tries to cover up the truth about domestic violence for Perry. Perry cried when talking about his love for Celeste, saying that all he did was love her, because he was afraid of losing her, that Celeste was too good, and he didn't deserve her, and felt that she didn't pay attention. He will leave himself. What a typical possessive language.

Possession is a psychological phenomenon.You will appreciate the things you really love, and only allow yourself to touch them, and other people will get angry even if they get close. This is a neutral term. Many people might think that is a derogatory term, but it is not. Possession isn't a bad thing, but it's not necessarily a good thing, especially when titles are over. Lots of questions.

Under the control of Perry's mind, Celeste also feels that Perry really loves herself, she is reluctant to leave, reluctant to give up this hard-earned "love." In this connection there has been such deformity, the perpetrator is not only covered up, but the victim also tries his best to find excuses for the other party and desperately covers up the peace. Celeste always felt that Perry would change, and Perry also said that she would change, and they could not be separated even for the sake of the children. Accurately captures the painful points of Celeste. Perry often showed weaknesses and apologized to make Celeste feel guilty, but at the same time she felt that a momentary increase in status was dominant in this relationship.

Many people today are still fascinated by the image of the president's man who is arrogant and confuses possessiveness with love. Just as Perry was repeatedly brainwashed after Celeste returned to work as a lawyer, she said she didn't want her to be influenced outside and persuade her to quit working and stay at home, but only to satisfy her own sense of possessions. Most people just look at the appearance and think that the other party really thinks of themselves, and they don't want to hit the wall and be persecuted outside. In fact, the other party only uses its own method of control. He does not consider whether you like something, but imposes his will on you, and then applies the guise of love, it seems just too proud love,

And most people with a strong desire for control are paranoid personalities to some extent.

1. I will cherish the things I love very much, and only allow myself to touch them, even if other people are close, they will get angry.

2. All people and belongings that have been owned by themselves must not escape from their hands.

3. Have a strong sense of territory and don't want strangers to enter your home.

4. Want to monopolize the people and things you love.

5. All your schedules must be approved by him.


In a relationship, we all need to distinguish when is possessive and when is true love in order to free ourselves from the other's possessive riddles. People who truly love you will not force their will on you, but will always think about you. To think what you think is a worthy prerequisite for your love.


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