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Epilepsy is a disease that is often believed especially in Africa that it is cause by witchcrafts or an attack and people tend to avoid such people, thanks to civilization that has help us to do alot of research on this sickness and has come out with the cause, how to manage it and the fact that it does not affect the intelligence of a lot of person suffering from this sickness.

Epilepsy is when there is repeated abnormal electrical discharge in the brain which can manifest in the form of convulsions

Types of epilepsy

we have two major types of epilepsy namely:

  1. partial seizure ÷ this type affect only a part of the body and not the whole.
  2. generalized seizure ÷ as the name implied it affects the whole body.

what might cause epilepsy.

Most of the time the cause is unknown but some factors can trigger it

1 . High body temperature 2 . infections 3 . brain tumor 4 . drug abuse and withdrawal 5 . hereditary 6 . metabolic abnormalities 7 . loud sound and noise.

How can we know when a person is suffering from epilepsy.

We can only detect when the person is in the epileptic attack or about to enter but just seeing the person you cannot know.

1 . jerking in one extremity 2 . stiffening body 3 . the person experience a flash light, tingling sensation, and hallucination. 4 . the person will be bitting his tongue, may not be able to hold urine or fecal, not breathing well, and may feel headache and tiredness.

what types of investigation can be done to know the type, causes of the epilepsy and also to confirm that the person is epileptic.

1 . Electroencephalogram 2 . brain scan 3 . skull x-ray 4 . CT scan.

How can we help a person during epileptic seizure to avoid injuries.

1 . call the emergency unit immediately 2 . create privacy and loose tight clothing 3 . pad a spoon and put it in the person mouth but if the mouth is stiff leave it alone. 4 . do not prevent movement or try to straighten bend hands and leg but guide movement to prevent injuries. 5 . take the patient to the hospital

Treatment of epilepsy.

visit the hospital and see a doctor.

In conclusion,

when a seizure become recurrent that is when it is call epilepsy. don't stigmatism them it might lead some of them to commit sucide and always remember early detection can be treated.


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