Four myths about people with Asperger's disease Source


Greetings to all, today we will talk about certain myths or expectations that most people believe or say when they hear the word Asperger's.

So many things are said about Asperger's now called High Functioning Autism that create very good expectations but others that leave a lot to think about who manifests them.

I will list those that I have had to explain many times, so many that you have a repertoire so large that you say it without thinking..

Aspergers are more intelligent

Certainly there is a percentage of people with Asperger's who are more intelligent taking as a reference the IQ, but the majority is that they are people who have more perception of things, who are detailed in what really interests them and can develop great creativity, intelligence and even acquire unimaginable knowledge about a specific topic, and can make it even their way of life..

I must emphasize that having autism is not synonymous with mental retardation; only 10% of those diagnosed with autism develop an intelligence superior to their peers.

People with Asperger's have difficulty speaking and communicating.

This is not so far from reality but, of course they talk and communicate but it is difficult for them to carry a fluid conversation, they tend to carry the sense of it, but their language in most of the times is fluid, with words that may seem stilted and elegant, sometimes it can even be hateful to talk to them, but we must understand that it is part of this. If you find out what is the subject they are passionate about, you can become their best friend or you can also be a specialist, why not? What you imagined.

Aspergers are not Empaths

It is good to clarify that there is truth in this, that you can not give what is limiting, people with aspergers can not identify the feelings of other people, such as body language and expressive, also with themselves, when they want to express something they go to extremes, if they laugh effusively and very loud and if something causes them pain or crying they do the same way magnifying their feelings, not to draw attention is that it is part of this syndrome.

People with Asperger's do not relate to other people.

Of course, for a person who finds it difficult to communicate, it is difficult to relate, this happens because of the affected area. As for the communication that people with autism have and makes them much more limited when interacting with other people, some because they are too extroverted and do not know how to interact, and in the case of Asperger's, they can be very talkative, but their conversation can be very infertile.

These are some of the myths that surround Asperger's, ask, get advice, read, you are the best therapist for your child.



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