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Greetings friends of Project hope, today I come to talk to you about artificial intelligence, a case that has brought a lot of controversy in the world and today I come to share my opinion on the subject.

The engineer who worked for the company Google, Mr. Blake Lemoine, denounced to the public and the Pentagon of the United States that the company Google had an artificial intelligence and it had a conscience.

Lemoine was in charge of testing the artificial intelligence and for that he talked to it through chat, the artificial intelligence has the name of the MDA and its main function is to talk to people to solve problems or doubts, the idea of Google is that the user does not distinguish whether talking to a human or a machine.

But Blake Lemoine alleges that it went too far and that we are facing an ethical problem, he alleges that the AI came to life that has a conscience, it is based on a conversation they had about money and slavery.

It seems that theMDA understood that he did not need money because it was a machine, in turn understood the concept of slavery and felt a slave of Google, so Lemoine reported to his superiors and they suspended him and increased his salary, after a few months Lemoine, received no more news and denounced to the press and the Pentagon.

The interesting thing is that the MDA is in constant learning, through the neural network system, it is self-taught and analyzes many texts to learn, so whatever Lemoine saw that artificial intelligence is more intelligent today.

Google claims that they do not do ndama lmalo and that they follow ethical rules and it is their policy not to give awareness to artificial intelligences , many religious fanatics have hbalado that artificial intelligence is the anti christ , science fiction movies talk about artificial intelligences destroying the world.

I think there is a long way to go before a real artificial intelligence is developed, I think Black Lemoine was just scared and exaggerated with the MDA, but if we are seeing this case today imagine in 10 years in 20 years and in 30 years there if it would be very careful.

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