“H2+O2=H2O” How to Balance Chemical Equations While Writing Science Assignment?

A chemical equation is the symbolic representation of a chemical reaction in which their respective formula denotes the reactants and products. Being a science student, you have to study chemistry and its complex equations. Are you searching the online science assignment help? Is balancing the equations bothering you? Well, it is the part of your academic paper, and you have to solve it either you want it or not. The elements and molecules that are reacting & the molecules produced from that reaction form the chemical equations. It is quite tricky and logical to solve it and form a product properly. So, to understand the concepts, read this article and know how you can easily balance the chemical reactions while writing the science assignment.


Process of Balancing the Equation: The ‘Law of Conservation of Mass’ states that the mass of the reactants must balance the mass of the products. To balance a chemical equation, the atoms of both the elements and molecules on the reactant side (left side) and product side (right side) must be equal to each other. If you lack knowledge about the same and have been assigned with an assignment, you can consider taking science assignment help from a reliable source. Other than this, you can even consider this article as it has some easy ways that will help in solving equations without any hassle.

Take a read of 10 minutes to solve the equations quickly.

How to Solve the Equation: The Unbalanced Chemical Equation [Aluminium reacts with oxygen to produce aluminium oxide] (Al+O2 → Al2O3)

Identify the Atoms in Each Element [You need to put the number of atoms that are present in each element. You need to analyze both the sides; reactant and product side] (Al+O2 → Al2O3) Al: 1 Al: 2
O: 2 O: 3

Multiply the Number of Atoms [To balance the equation, you need to multiply the number of atoms in each element until both sides are equal] (Al+O2 → Al2O3) Al: 12=2 Al: 21=2 O: 23=6 O: 32=6

Place Coefficient in Front of Molecules [Once you multiplied the number of atoms, you need to place the coefficient on both sides] (2Al+3O2 → 2Al2O3) Al: 12=2 Al: 21=2 O: 23=6 O: 32=6

Check Equation [After placing coefficient you have to check both the reactant and product side is balanced or not] (2Al+3O2 → 2Al2O3) Al: 12=2 Al: 21=2 O: 23=6 O: 32=6

(2Al+3O2 → 2Al2O3) Al: 2 Al: 4 O: 6 O: 6

Balanced Chemical Equations [Finally, write the balanced equation] (4Al+3O2 → 2Al2O3) Al: 4 Al: 4 O: 6 O: 6

These are the 5 easy steps that you need to follow to balance every single equation. No matter how difficult the chemical equation is you just have to apply the above-mentioned steps to get the answer in a minute. Do not hamper your assignment by making silly mistakes in it. If you get stuck at any point, you must consider science assignment writing services online for further assistance.

SUMMARY: The article guides you on how to get the product of your unbalanced chemical equation by just following five steps. You can easily score higher grades with the help of the steps mentioned in the article.

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